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FREE 30 Minute Phone Consultation with Patt.

Patt offers a limited number of free coaching calls per month. Click here to book a 30 minute phone call with Patt. Want to know Your Feng Shui Personality Type that is unique to you? Discover your strengths, career path, best sleep directions for improved health, and best facing directions for wealth and success! Learn the best relationships, and business associates that will support your success, and learn what types may be more challenging for you. Chart your family and form deeper relationships and understanding. In this 30 minute free call Patt helps you draw out your answers from within, focusing on who you are and how you can achieve more success in your life gaining new insights and helping you move forward on the path to enjoy your purpose.

You know that when you are working in your passion everything in your life falls in place and doors open for you. When you do things because you feel you “should”, or that it would please others putting your own feelings aside, then you lose sight of your true purpose and miss out on the enjoyment of your life.

Never stopping my passion for self-discovery, while always seeking balance in my life, it would be my pleasure to help you find your passion, purpose, and success. Having consulted with clients for nearly 3 decades running my own speaking/consulting business, raising two adult sons, and being married to the same man for over 40 years, you will have the benefit of my experience saving you time and avoiding painful mistakes while moving forward on your path to creating a more enjoyable fun-filled life with wealth, and lasting and loving relationships.

Note: You will need to give Patt your month and year of birth, including anyone you would like to chart for a deeper understanding and compatibility.

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