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Book Signing – Friday, June 6, 2014 7:00-8:30 pm

Feng Shui for Career Women: the Ultimate Women’s Guide to Advancing Your Career and Increasing Your Wealth!

4-12_Book Sign1 (8)Join Patt for this informative gathering and receive new insights to identify your unique talents and strengths. Each person will receive their personality profile according to Traditional Feng Shui, an amazing and accurate ancient Chinese “nature science” that is based on cycles in nature used to identify personality types and energies within buildings. This system was used to match marriages in China and select their leaders. Each guest will leave knowing their best career, element in nature, social activity, and personality types to bring the greatest enjoyment and success. Discover how to make a deeper connection with others; create more fulfilling and stronger relationships, and how to form productive teams for any organization. Know who to joint venture with in business for your success.

Each guest attending will leave knowing:

  • Your best career direction based on your unique gifts
  • What is your best facing and directions for success
  • What is your best sleep directions for health and for attracting a new love
  • Which personalities bring you the most support and which are the most challenging


New Renaissance Bookstore
1338 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97210
(503) 224-4929

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