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The Feng Shui Crash Course for Busy Career Women: The fastest ways to expand your wealth, improve relationships, and create balance in your life.

Is the Building You Live or Work In Blocking Your Success?

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If you answered YES to any of these questions maybe your Environment is to Blame – Be sure to watch this video to learn more about Patt’s upcoming Feng Shui Crash Course a 30 video Online Course you can view 24/7!

Patt Sendejas, author of Feng Shui for Career Women: The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Advancing Your Career & Increasing Your Wealth is known as America’s Leading Authority on Personality Feng Shui. Patt is also the founder of the online Feng Shui Crash Course with over 30 educational videos to help you implement Feng Shui in your environment to realize the benefits of wealth, health, and harmonious relationships. Patt brings over 30 years’ experience in Interior and Environmental Design along with integrating a strong knowledge of Feng Shui based on the ancient Chinese “nature science”. Her research has led her to products for homes and businesses that place the user in a natural environment that supports health and well-being. By connecting with nature, humans feel more harmonious and calm. See Client Testimonies. Author of numerous books, Patt lectures and consults on how to transform your relationships, home and work spaces, accomplish more with ease, and allow wealth and contentment to flow into your life. Are you ready to move forward in your life today and experience wealth, health, harmony and happiness in your life? Contact Patt to speak at your next event or call for an in-person consultation quote with Patt today!